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It’s Time for That Kind of Love


Wherever you are, Autumn may be your rainiest season. You may have a colorful quality to your leaves, bright, sunny days and occasional reassuring showers. Fresh and invigorating. It may be your favorite season. For falling in love.…

Studies Show Rain Capes Well-Suited To Kids’ Good Nature


Recent polls show that kids love two things: going back to school and rainy days. That’s a little surprising. But that’s the beauty of kids. You never know what they’re thinking. As modern media mavens, we love a…

It’s Time for the Annual Sweatshirt Cape Sale


The vagaries of Spring and the promise of cool summer evenings mark this special time of year. The season is upon us to consider a light jacket, a wooly sweater, a thick sweatshirt, or perhaps a hoodie. But…

The Vagaries


Spring is here and, as you may know, it’s a miraculous experience. It’s really the perfect season — theoretically. You can’t beat that warm nonchalancey feeling, until the wind whips up and the clouds roll in. Our data…

We Heard You: Here Are Rain Capes for Men with Beards


Re-Introducing the Beard Cape We’re back baby! Not that we ever left. But, this new line of rain capes for the sharp-dressed man proves we’re committed. It’s long been said that Men Who Wear Capes are pretty cool.…

We Won’t Forget Bill Cunningham: A Legendary Rain Cape Man


Dear Susan Mocarski,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your design is so custom compared to the commercial ones. The NY Times insists no gifts so it must be returned. I’ll keep in mind your “Cleverhood.” The poncho is the best for keeping dry on a bike.
Best regards,

P.S. Your kind note was appreciated and if you spot me again please say hi and remind me of your Cleverhood.

How to Walk in the Rain


Many people think they know how to walk in the rain. However, after 8 years in the rain cape business you learn to recognize the posers and the wannabes. It seems simple. Everyone thinks they can do it. But then when it’s nice and raining they say they don’t want to show you now. Or they dash off scampering around puddles like bugs on a hot griddle.

A Good 2-Step Plan for Valentine’s Day


Step 1: Come to an early agreement with your sweetheart that Valentines Day is outdated. Neither of you need that overpriced restaurant, the long lines at the London Eye, or any of that hoopla. Your love is deeper…

That’s it. We’re going to Canada.


We’re going over the border. We’re heading to the largest country in North America, with its parliamentary democracy, eight distinct forest regions and a notorious reputation for kindness and tolerance. How do they do what they do? Three of the Top 10 Livable Cities on the planet are in Canada. Are they just lucky?

Get Out in the New Year!


While your out, it may rain. And we just happen to have something new this year that may be of interest. It’s our new CleverZipster featuring our popular reflective gingham fabric. This baby is the creative love child of a Classic Cleverhood cape and the randy Cleverlite.