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Deep Thoughts Amidst the Autumn Leaves

Hope you had a Happy Halloween. Hey, you know who does a great Zombie? These Irish guys.

Now on to November for some real weather fun! Looks like 6-9 inches of snow this weekend for our neighbors in Maine. Oh boy. That’ll freeze your cranberries.

Speaking of weather, the lovely and talented folks at Momentum Magazine ran a contest recently. It acknowledged the wise words of one particular Longfellow who promised that "into each life some rain must fall." The prize was a free bike-ready Cleverhood. “Tell us something clever about you and rain,” they said. There were nearly 200 responses that seemed to qualify.
"Killer in the Rain"
The desperation that was her face told me she needed a hero to give her shelter from the storm. But I had no cape. -- Rainman Chandler

Some admitted to what was obviously an embarrassing secret. Very scary.
"I still listen to Milli Vanilli's "Blame it on the Rain!"

Some touched us right in the climate change.
500 Hundred Year Flood

We just had more rain in Phoenix than we've ever had! They're calling it the 500 Year Flood. We've got more rain coming! It's monsoon season, after all. I sure could use a Cleverhood to keep me dry on my daily commute!

There was Zen.
On a rainy day, the world is just the space around me. I am aware of my hands, the shifting of my gears, the part of the road where water pools just a bit less than the part next to it. When it is raining my thoughts are inside me; not morose thoughts, all damp and full of self pity. No, my rainy day thoughts are dry enough; safe and warm, and quite free of the rain.

There was this guy. We had to appreciate his selection over Superman.
The Cleverhood Cape will make me like a Batman pedaling through Gotham fighting dastardly puddles and splashes.

Next week we're taking our act on the road. We'll be toting a variety of rain capes for all the good people at the Philly Bike Expo. As long as we find this clothespin again, there will be some good deals. It's nice seeing a city that knows how to play with design.