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How About A Better World By Design?

We’re inspired by good design.  It’s not just about the looks. Improve both the form and the function and you’ve got something worth talking about.
“The details are not the details. They make the design.” Charles Eames

Coming up this week is A Better World by Design, a conference at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) that attracts a global community of innovators. They’re reaching across disciplines to see how things work and re-framing perspectives.

The annual conference is student-organized and attracts thousands from all corners of the world. We’re proud to have some involvement with BWxD thanks to the inimitable Andy Cutler (@AndyPVD) of Smaller Cities Unite! 

It was our thought to have Aaron Naparstek, founder of Streetsblog, offer his sharp insights into the design of more livable cities. Aaron speaks and works with local livable streets activists around the world. He was a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 2012 and spent the last two years at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning as a Visiting Scholar.

“Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” Paul Rand

We also helped set-up a panel discussion on “Made in America.” It’s become something of a buzzword but this panel will explore what it really means to produce something entirely in the US. What does it mean for innovation, jobs, costs, quality and the world?  It’s a big idea that’s being applied locally – globally.

The conference kicks-off Friday morning with an impressive array of speakers and fascinating topics. Look for Aaron to open your mind on Friday, Sept 19, at 2:30, here at the Brown University Granoff Center for Creative Arts. On Saturday, at 2 pm a terrific panel will tackle “Made In America.”

Sunday you can catch us peddling our bike-ready rain capes at the Urban Carnevale – that’s a local festival of global proportions inspired by the Providence Art+Culture Department.

It’s all about collaboration — and inspiration.