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Innovations in Worldwide Street Capes

This week in Hong Kong the South China Morning Post was talking about us. Our garments have been tested in the Hebrides, stocked in Stockholm and toasted in Tokyo. We’re purveyors of worldwide street capes but we owe it all to a little American ingenuity.

Worldwide cities
For example, consider our latest addition. The newest Cleverhood cape combines the street style of a rebel with the softness of a baby lamb. On the outside it’s about movement, adventure and attitude. Windproof and water resistant, it has tough qualities. But on the inside it’s so comfortable you may want wear it with your pajamas.

Polartec Tec Pro Cape from Providence
The fabric comes by way of Polartec, formerly Malden Mills, of Lawrence, Massachusetts. It’s American ingenuity at work. They developed advanced knitting techniques to create their Polartec® Thermal Pro®. It’s a plush synthetic fleece that offers high-performance. It’s a breathable fabric with thermal air pockets that optimize comfort. It’s strong with an inherent resilience against abrasion. Plus, it’s a fabric that compresses easily for packing.

US fabric innovation
Like all our apparel, our Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece Cape is made in the US by skilled garment workers. In fact, along with our  Sweatshirt Capes, it’s carefully sewn and crafted about 15 miles away from Providence in Fall River, a former textile capital of the US. We think it’s a pretty good achievement to be paired up with these local folks. It’s not easy making a living in this industry here. In the past 20 years or so, 80 percent of the garment worker jobs have been lost to someplace else.

US garment jobs

As a matter of fact, all of the components in this unisex garment come from our New England region. That includes elastic drawstrings with reflective 3M thread and even the tiny Cleverhood patch.

Polartec Pro Fleece Cape

We pride ourselves on attention to detail. But our outerwear wouldn't be worn by people all over the world without real American ingenuity and the support of local folks. We hope it makes us different -- beyond the element of style.

Locally produced Cleverhood cape