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Meet Urban Adventure Guy

Urban Adventure Guy is unpredictable and hard to track. On top of that, he’s prepared for any situation the city has to throw at him. His rain cape of choice? The Cleverhood Weetamoo Camoo, of course.

Rain Room at the MOMA? Urban Adventure Guy heeds the call in his US-made, bike-ready poncho. He puts the "Cult" in Culture.

Cleverhood camo rain cape

Smart and elusive. He blends seamlessly into the cityscape.

Cleverhood rain cape

He has a special bond with the wildlife.

Cleverhood camo rain cape

He mastered the Erhu on a walk thru the park.

He has an affinity for nature. It's where he does his best pondering. His favorite quote: "Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that I'll be over here looking through your stuff" -- by Jack Handy.

Cleverhood rain cape Green Guru backpack

He lives comfortably off the land. He knows where to find a good egg sandwich.

Cleverhood rain cape camoflauge

Always waterproof, he's undaunted by the natural urban weather conditions.

Cleverhood rain cape

Very undaunted.

Cleverhood rain cape in NYC

Look for Urban Adventure Guy. He's out there. And a very good sport.

Cleverhood camo Central Park