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People Who Talk About Rain

Recently, the snappy Momentum Magazine of Vancouver ran a contest for people who love rain featuring a Cleverhood rain cape as the prize. Their conditions were simple: Tell us what you enjoy most about riding in the rain.

Momentum MagazineFortunately we didn’t have to pick the winner. That was Momentum's job. There were hundreds of inspired responses from all over the world. Some are very personal. Some are poetic or literary. Others are blunt. With the exception of Don, they all seem to be insightful pluviophiles.

Here are just a few good ones. There are dozens more from the Girl on the Green Bicycle, Pedal Power Pete and other people who know what they're talking about when they talk about rain.

(If it makes any difference, we’ll happily offer any of the contest entrants a good discount on a ‘hood. We loved them.)

Symbolism of Fresh Starts

Riding in the rain, being exposed to the elements, the smell in the air... being part of the eternal reminder that we are all part of the same thing and ever growing, learning (and relearning). Nothing is stagnant. Portland is perfect for this.



Riding in the rain:
Shoe covers, jacket, fenders
trickle down my neck



The sound of water cutting away from my bike tires, while droplets of rain and perspiration mix to a fine balance with each perfect pedal stroke provide glory in a rainy morning commute.

Katrina Boucher

Free as a kid

Riding and splashing in the rain makes me feel like I am 5 again. No worries, soggy socks, rain hitting my face. Its good to be young again!!! All I am missing is my banana seat!!!!

Nicolas Colarusso

what I enjoy about riding in the rain

I like the feeling like we were meant to do this. And then I like going inside afterwards, feeling grateful for shelter and warmth.


Riding in the rain

The thing I like about riding in the rain is imagining that all the people sitting dry and comfortable in their cars think I am crazy.


Feel the rain

Feeling, hearing the rain patter upon your jacket, your helmet, the low hiss of rain on the road, harmonizing with the sound of your rolling tires, clicking gears, realizing the weather doesn't slow you down, doesn't stop you. Bliss of the next level of riding.

Scott Cramer

Rain riding

My favorite part of riding in the rain??? The PUDDLES!! Love the sounds and fresh smells.

David Higley


I am a Kapha so my elements are earth and water.
Riding in the rain makes me feel alive! I am here :)

Kara Beall

Turning the question around

I especially enjoy the hearty laugh I get when, upon arriving at work by (fenderless) bike on a rainy morning, I realize that I should have carried my underwear in my waterproof bag with the change of clothes, and NOT worn them under my riding tights, Going commando in the office: priceless.


It's all about the winning

I feel like I am pushing the elements, my comfort factor, that I am the only one out there, but that I am going to make it. I think, well, soon it will be snow, but I am still winning. I love getting a bit of mud in the ponytail and having to clean my bike from riding it and that I won.

Kim Wilton

Flying with Rain Kissing my Face!

Honestly, I LOVE being in the rain. My other Love is the feeling of flight as I ride my bike here, there and everywhere. I live in a city that has not embraced bike travel yet....but that doesn't stop me from using my bike for going anywhere that is 5 miles or less. Everyday, I load my friend up into the car as I drive to the very north side of the city so that I can ride my bike between classes and errands before heading home. Rain or shine, she and I see our beloved city together. I am hoping that the more people who see that life can be full, complete, and enjoyable on the seat of a bike, more people will try it too! My trusty Dutch step through turns heads and draws smiles......and I hope to see more on the road soon. Until then, this environmental engineering student in Alabama will continue to lead by example! Maybe someday soon, more people will enjoy flying with rain kissing their faces!

Laura M

ah, the rain

I started riding a bike again when I was 40. Everyone I know loves to ride in sunny California weather while I wait for the cool fall mornings. My favorite rides ever were bundling up in a raincoat to ride to the train in the early morning cool rain. I hated that job, but I loved that ride :) I searched and searched for a perfect rain coat-is this the one?

Janel Astor

Singing while riding in the rain...

I recently moved to Hamilton, ON and brought along my extracycle as my main mode of transportation. A new direction in travel for me as it was new before I moved here. Two weekends ago I made my way to the Ottawa street market, as I do every Saturday, and this time I finished my last veggie purchase just as the rain began. Initially I thought, great it's raining, and then the song "if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops oh what a world this would be" began in my head and I began to sing it and it made me smile as I made my way home.


Riding in the Rain

The rain is a stark reminder that my life goes with the elements, not against them. Being soaking wet reminds me that my body is made for this world, and that being soaking wet is just fine! Except when I have a meeting and really could have used a Cleverhood Cape!


I don't enjoy riding in the rain at all

I think it sucks big time. That's why I need the cape.



Lots more people who love rain here at Momentum.