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Today's Special Cleverhood Message for Peace

We’re not a lot like pickles. Seriously. But that doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. Sometimes I see people laughing at a pickle, not with it, and I want to sit down and calmly reason with them. I want everyone to be enlightened. Fruit or vegetable? It doesn't matter. Don't get caught up in the labels. I think you'll see here that we're prepared to back-up our position.

April Fools
Sure, pickles look funny. It even sounds funny just to say “pickles.” But pickles were around long before you were, I’d say. Pickles have a proud heritage that goes back 4,000 years to the cradle of civilization. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks had a deep respect for the pickle. We all have a little pickle in us.

Photo by Scott Nelson: Life in the Egyptian village of Warwara

The left-handed Jimi Hendrix once called the pickle a “cute little heart breaker.” Hendrix was playing at Lupo's in downtown Providence. Tuning up in the back room, someone slipped him a Fox Point pickle. He called it the 'experience.' Today, they call that the Green Room. Oh, and that song Foxy Lady, Jimi wrote that for a particular Rhode Island pickle.

On this solemn day, we think it’s a good time for you to stop and consider the other guy for once. And it really doesn’t matter if that guy is green, or bumpy, or the way he smells. Hang out with someone different. See if you don't learn a little something.

Won’t you join us? We’re committed. Any customer who purchases one of our Cleverhood rain capes* will receive a jar of legendary Fox Point pickles from our Ocean State.

Simply send us a note or tweet: Yes I’ll have pickles with that!
You know you are a cute little heart breaker
Foxy yeah,
And you know you are a sweet little love maker
I wanna take you home, yeah
I won't do you no harm
You've got to be all mine, all mine
ooh Foxy Lady


*Offer good thru April 7 for any customer purchasing an authentic, US-made rain cape.