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Celebrating Chocolate Custard and Bike Month in NYC

People usually think of May as National Chocolate Custard Month. But, conveniently, it’s also National Bike Month. While many of us will take this time to consider the wonders of chocolate puddings, the League of American Bicyclists is out there encouraging people to think about bikes. It’s an extraordinary time of year.

Bike month ny
We hit New York City the very first day of May. With over 4,000 restaurants, 10,000 Citibikes, and North America’s biggest consumer bike extravaganza, it’s an ideal spot to commemorate this special month.

Bike Expo attracts about 50,000 people with a wide variety of reasons for thinking about bikes. We set up shop there with local Dutch friends from Rolling Orange. They brought along a cargo bike, an electrified VanMoof and classic cruiser.

bike month

They also brought the wooden Bough bike. Made of Oak, it's a "natural" bicycle from the Netherlands.

Wooden Bough bike


We brought bike-ready rain capes, lots of t-shirts and seed bombs for people in livable cities.

Cleverhood NY Bike Expo

But the biggest commemoration of bikes and their affects on people and cities came on the third day. That was the amazing TD Five Boro Bike Tour. Together with 32,000 others we pedaled 40 miles of car-free streets through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Each rest stop was like a big party with plenty of music, Kind snacks and bananas everywhere!

Five bro bike tour bananas

It made a lot of people happy and offered an interesting way to think about bikes. Admittedly, it did little for Chocolate Custard Month but we got that covered. We're back to the City next week with Transportation Alternatives and the infamous Bike Home From Work Party in Dumbo.

May Bike Month