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Ten Things We Learned Last Night at the 6th Annual Boston Bike Update

1) Mayor Walsh wants to make Boston one of the best cycling cities in the world in six years.

boston bikes


2) It’s a good thing Mayor Walsh has Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman on his team.


3) Boston is currently rated the 5th “Most Bikeable US City.”

4) There are a bunch of organizations at work on the issue: Boston Cyclists Union, Livable Streets, Boston Bikes, Bikes Not Bombs, Hubway

boston bike update

5) Doctors at Boston Medical Center can prescribe bikes to their patients.


6) The Youth Cycling Program has given on-bike instruction to 17,000 Boston students in 3 years – with reported boosts in classroom attention and attendance.


7) The Connect Historic Boston trail is the single largest bicycle infrastructure project undertaken to date in the city.

Boston bike boy


8) Stats show a lot of momentum and Charles River crossings.


9) Cold rain did not deter people from riding bikes to Faneuil Hall.

Bikes at Faneuil Hall

10) The Great Hall in Faneuil Hall -- the Cradle of Liberty -- is one hell of a spot to declare that the car is no longer king!

Boston Cyclists Union