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What's up with Bike Sharing: An Infographic

The beauty of bike share systems is the sneaky way they get people to act sustainably.  Before you know it, people are using bikes to get around their favorite cities. Pedal a few blocks and they tend to feel a little happier, a little less stressed. It really beats a traffic jam.

New York City just launched this summer and Chicago too. So far we’ve tried NYC’s Citibike a number of times. In Boston we depend on Hubway to get from North to South Station. We tried Vienna’s bike system during VeloCity and Capital Bike Share in Washington D.C.

Those bikes all lined up in the kiosks are always inviting. I’m sure you see they look really fun to ride. So far they haven’t disappointed either. They’re solid but lightweight. The tires are just the right size for bumps and comfort. Same for the cushiony seats too. Even a BMX king like Tyrone Williams of Chinatown's Dah Shop can make these babies perform (nice vid here at Urban Velo).

And you know those rainy days when you can't find a cab? Well, we help get you there faster and drier. Amaze your friends with your ever-ready Cleverhood.

Here’s a nice, handy infographic from the good folks at People for Bikes. Now you can see who’s winning.