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Who's Going to Dumbo?

Looks like a dynamite party this Friday in Dumbo. It's under the Manhattan Bridge with local brewers, people, bikes and a panoramic view of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and two sister bridges. We wouldn’t miss this.

Dumbo (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) has New York City's highest concentration of technology firms by neighborhood.Within a 10-block radius are 500 tech and creative firms that employ over 10,000 people.

Transportation Alternatives party in Dumbo

It’s safe to say that a lot of these people appreciate a bike inthe city. Consider this party a celebration for people who bike to work in New York (while car people presumably are held up in traffic somewhere). It’s a great example of the work being done by the City’s Transportation Alternatives (shout out to Samantha Dodd!).

We’ll be there sampling the local wares and pedaling our bike-ready rain capes. We’re offering a big discount to TransAlt members as our small part, btw. We’ll also be giving away an Electric Houndstooth in homage to reflective rainwear.

Do any other cities have parties like this? Seriously, we’d like to know.

Transportation Alternatives Bike Party in Dumbo