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April Showers Deal for the Holidays!

Happy April Fool’s to you and yours. This is a big month for us here at Cleverhood (April Showers and all that). We’ll be kicking it off in true Rhode Island fashion. While this custom of playing harmless pranks on this special day is recognized just about everywhere, we’re the state with its own particularly quirky prank. It’s certainly not without its controversy.

RI Quahog day
It’s a weird tradition that started in 1947 as part of Narragansett Brewing Co’s famous “Hi Neighbor!” ad campaign. “Share a quahog with your neighbor” became “Hide a quahog on your neighbor” that year. Then in ’48 Ocean State Shellfish emptied a truckload of the native clams in downtown Providence and the tradition took off.

RI April Fools Day
If your friend finds the hidden quahog straightaway then you’re a Noddy. The positive view is that Rhode Island April Fools' can be good for one's health because it encourages belly laughs and brings all the benefits of laughter including stress relief and reducing strain on the heart. The negative side of that is if you’re Gobby. That’s the guy who doesn’t find the quahog until after April Fools.

RI April Fools Day

A Holiday Deal

Wish us luck. Like we said, it’s a big day and a big month for us. But we're not keeping it to ourselves. Starting today there's a 20% discount for anyone interested in Rhode Island's favorite bike-ready, US-made rain cape! Or Sweatshirt Cape (made in nearby Fall River)!

Simply use the code Noddy and you're a winna. It's good worldwide til April 15.