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Are We Not Rain Capes? We are Devo.

Congratulations to Mike of Asheville on Bikes for winning our Devo contest!

Cleverhood Devo contest
Actually, Mike didn’t get the right answer. But in this case style trumped performance. There’s a brand new Cleverhood reflective t-shirt for Mike with his name on it, figuratively speaking.

Cleverhood with Mike of Asheville on Bikes Look What Mike Did in his Cleverhood.

We are Devo. Initiated by Kent State art students in the late 60’s the band had the idea that we were de-evolving as a society. They decried herd mentality and mass commercialism. They were clever and fun about it. Bowie and Iggy Pop liked them. Sometimes they’d wear jump suits that were made out of Tyvek. Tyvek was the obvious answer to our little contest.

This is a new, limited collection. What we’re showing you here is Kitty Garden Party. The print is the creation of local fashion and textile designer Joseph Segal. Joe was a contestant on Project Runway and teaches at Rhode Island School of Design. He also has a clever shop called Pretty Snake.

Cleverhood Pretty Snake raincape
This is the Razzle Dazzle. It’s inspired by a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I and typically credited to artist Norman Wilkinson. Although Picasso claimed that cubists had invented it.

Cleverhood Razzle Dazzle rain cape

There’s a sharp silver version too. That will be called:

  1. Silver Cloud

  2. Silverline

  3. Silver 47

  4. Silver Flash

  5. Other?

Tyvek is lightweight and very strong. It’s a high-density fiber made with recycled materials. Plus it keeps you dry. This new line-up of rain capes is cut & sewn in the U.S. in nearby Fall River (more to come on that soon). We're pretty psyched about that.

Fall River mill
Early units have been given a hardy test. We plan to debut the limited collection at the Newport Folk Festival coming up. Who knows, maybe it'll rain this year too. That'd be lucky.

Cleverhood at Newport Folk Festival