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Creativity Dogs Better Neighborhoods

There’s a big advantage to living somewhere with creative artists, craftsmen, and conscientious small businesses. It helps create a community with a good “sense of place.” Before you know it, it sets off a wicked cycle that results in happier, healthier people with some extra coin in their pocket. You may think we’re biased here in the Creative Capital, but we've the data to back us up.


Supporting independent, locally-owned businesses helps to strengthen the economic base of the community. For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community. These local businesses are your neighbors. They care about the community too and they’ll in-turn invest in the well-being of your place. Good spots to shop, eat and have fun, attract more people. It's simple. Foot traffic goes up and your neighborhood becomes walkable. When people get out of their cars, perspectives change. Open spaces are tended to and street art pops up. Suddenly, people are getting exercise and meeting their neighbors.

There are at least 50 reasons why everyone should want a walkable community. But consider this: research suggests that walking boosts creative output an average of 60%. See the connections?

Brent Toderian Walkability

From Providence to Pittsburgh to Paris, we appreciate walkable, livable cities and the support of local talent. At Cleverhood we scour the countryside in pursuit of people with creative energy and a positive rain-or-shine attitude. We value smart thinking and are always eager to collaborate. Local support in our "Providencehood" is a good place to start.

J Schatz Providencehood

Something New in the 'hood

We’re proud to roll-out a variety of distinctive new items from our local Rhode Island creative community and beyond. First up, are the new Utilita dog bowls that are part of our new Cleverpup line. They’re designed and hand-crafted by the talented J Schatz studio, where all their beautiful clay products are Wonder-Certified. Now in nearby Olneyville, Jim, Peter and a team of local artisans have created over 25,000 Wonder-Certified products for customers here and in 14 other countries around the world.

Cleverpup dog bowl

Also coming soon to our Cleverpup line are two new collars for the discerning doggo that you won't find at PetSmart. One of the new dog collars comes from Rijck Leather, a small leather goods company founded by Alison Van Hemelrijck in Providence. Every one of their leather products is carefully assembled by hand using traditional leather crafting techniques and tools. Each piece is hand cut, hand punched, and hand stitched. All leathers are sourced from US suppliers and tanneries with prominent reputations for producing some of the best hides on the market.

Harrison+Pike is a men's and women's nautical jewelry and accessories brand based out of Newport, Rhode Island. This will be their first accessory for the canine set. Owner, Tiffany Harrison Givens, draws inspiration from her sailing and marine industry background and her passion for design.  Each rope and leather design is constructed by cleverly utilizing the traditional yacht rigging techniques of hand-splicing and whip-stitching. Nautical style and strength promise to be striking assets in a dog collar.

Providence hood Harrison+Pike

We're fortunate to have a creative community and enterprising small businesses.

How can you tell? We're a Top 10 Walkable City in the US.

Tell us what's good in your neighborhood?