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Have You Seen Forbes Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists 2013?

Forbes_IconWe're not ones to toot our OWN horn.  But we'll happily defer to others.  For example, this article from Forbes this week entitled "Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists 2013."

Somehow Cleverhood slipped in.

"Here’s the gift your cyclist friend didn’t know they needed, because they didn’t know it existed, but they’ll want a Cleverhood," wrote Forbes' Larry Olmsted.

"Merging American ingenuity and Made in the USA quality with European traditions and style, this is a modern take on the hooded rain poncho, or as the company calls it, a “high performance street cape,” designed for the urban environment and for functionality on and off the bike," wrote the ever-discerning Olmsted.

He went on and on. But it'd be immodest to rewrite every sweet sentence from Forbes.

But there's a good last line that gives us an idea. Forbes wrote: "If you want to give something different this year, there’s really nothing quite like the Cleverhood."

If you or a loved one like "different" in the form of a high-tech waterproof rain cape,  use the code GIFT ME. We'll give you 20% off any Cleverhood. It's good through the holidays. We like being different.