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Get Out in the New Year!

Hope everyone’s still got that bright-eyed optimism for the new year. It’s only January, believe it or not. Let’s do our best to keep it positive. With a good rain-or-shine approach to things we can stay nimble and ready for action. You don’t have to be a Dolly Parton to realize "you gotta put up with the rain if you want the rainbow."

Dolly Parton with a cape

While you’ve probably satisfactorily completed all your resolutions by now, you might appreciate this list from the fertile mind of urbanist Brent Toderian. It’s 25 Simple Resolutions to Improve your City and requires minimal investment on your part, while addressing climate change, goodwill toward others, and happiness. There are some real gems to consider. Here’s one example:
24. Open your eyes to the beauty in the everyday details and occurrences in your city–in the architecture, design, nature, civic life, and people. Really look around. Once your eyes are opened, you won’t be able to close them again.

While your out, it may rain. And we just happen to have something new this year that may be of interest. It’s our new CleverZipster featuring our popular reflective gingham fabric. This baby is the creative love child of a Classic Cleverhood cape and the randy Cleverlite.

Made in nearby Fall River, this rain cape features a flashy reflective grid, streamlined form and bike-ability. It’s easy to pack and well suited for people on the move, out there, looking around, in the rain. Plus, thanks to the flexibility of our local partners you choose your own zipper color. It's a little touch that makes a difference. So far we've got Blue, Red, Black, Green or Yellow to choose from. All the zippers are waterproof, sturdy and reliable.

You'll note it comes with handy mesh bag, just in case it's not raining when you venture out to participate in the new year. Hope you like it.