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It's Time for the Annual Sweatshirt Cape Sale

The vagaries of Spring and the promise of cool summer evenings mark this special time of year. The season is upon us to consider a light jacket, a wooly sweater, a thick sweatshirt, or perhaps a hoodie. But for those folks with a yearning to experience the freedom and élan of a distinctive street cape....we offer you the Annual Sweatshirt Cape sale!


This is no ordinary hoodie. It's not a sweatshirt. It's a street cape for romance & adventure™.

red sweatshirt cape


Ready for the streets or the beach. Distinctive and practical. Comfortable to be worn indoors. Unisex. Two sizes. Available in Rhode Island Red or Steelyard Gray.

detailed US made sweatshirt cape


Features a soft interior kangaroo pocket and hidden cell pocket. Hooded with a sturdy, striped drawstring. Nicely hemmed. Carefully made in nearby Fall River, Massachusetts.

US Made Sweatshirt Cape

Please enjoy a good 20% off our Sweatshirt Capes. Tell your friends!