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New Conveniences in Your Rain Cape Shopping Experience

We’re very pleased to announce that we have a brand new store. It’s open almost everywhere in the world and never closes. We hope that’s convenient for you. Of course, for the full shopping experience we recommend that you get yourself a set of these babies.

Cleverhood virtual shopping experience
Once you’re firmly strapped in, simply proceed past the Home Page and make yourself comfortable. And, no, those roasted coffee beans you smell are not imagined. They’re virtual! For your continued engagement, spend some time in our rain room. Here you can experience 26 variable rain conditions – with or without the Cleverhood of your choice. Be dry or wet, it's up to you.

Cleverhood rain room
To don the Cleverhood simply insert your head through the head hole. You will note a relaxed easy feeling inside your cape with your arms unencumbered (and hidden from view). Take as long as you need to try out the various features of this bike-ready rain cape. We offer a variety of styles and sizing is easy.

Cleverhood specsOur regrets to those who do not have the specified goggles. Nevertheless, our storefront offers you some new utility – like up-close magnification of Cleverhood styles and made-in-the-US craftsmanship. We’ve added lots of new pictures (Lookbooks and Action shots) and hope there’s someone handy who looks like you. There's also a variety of 3rd-person perspectives, including the time Vice Magazine said we "freaked them out." We’ve also added a new sign-up for people who’d like to be occasionally notified of a special Cleverhood deal*. We hope everything is working ok.

Cleverhood rain room
Keep in mind that we strive to provide the best customer service. Not just virtual service either. Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re happy to let you return a ‘hood for a different style or just because. We also get around (we're at the National Bike Summit next week in Washington D.C.) and there are a number of smart shops in different parts of the world with Cleverhoods to try out.

*We're very happy to have you visit our new shop. (Shout out to the good folks at Figmints in lovely Pawtucket, R.I. for their talents). Let us know what you think. In return, we're pleased to offer all customers 15% off anything at our new store. Virtual customers may also use this coupon in our dining room.

Cleverhood shop launch

Thanks for shopping at Cleverhood.