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New York News Flash

This Sunday New York City will shut down car, truck and bus traffic for 32,000 people on bicycles. It’s a pretty big statement by the largest city in the United States – the capital of the world some might say. Instead of all that gasoline, we'll be burning bananas.

Bike New York
A bell, a brake, some pedals and a fork. That’s the way you spell New York. It’s all-inclusive and trans-formative. The Five Boro Bike Tour is a 40-mile long conga line that snakes through the Metropolis from Manhattan, into Queens, the Bronx, down Brooklyn and onto the Isle of Staten. Organized by Bike New York it comes with an entertainment line-up befitting the Big Apple. They don’t do that for cars.

TDFBBT entertainment
There may be rain. Ha, ha. Wouldn’t that be nice. Ok, maybe later. But just in case, we’ll be pedaling our US made, bike-ready rain capes at the Bike Expo New York on Friday and Saturday. Come on down, we’ll give you a good deal* and send you on your way with proper rain insurance. Got some cool new reflective T-shirts to show off too. Or take our “Livable Cities Quiz.” One lucky duck will win a genuine Cleverhood. Nice way to kick-off Bike Month.

People do seem to like the 'hood by the way. Just today there was this from Three Sparrows. They're weird but nice. And very clever.

Three sparrows Cleverhood review

Kid's appreciate Cleverhood's comfy interior.

Three Sparrows Cleverhood review

Dads like it's easy acceleration.


*We have a really good Bike Expo deal. If you're elsewhere in the world, email us at info@cleverhood or Twitter to us @Cleverhoods for our secret Bike Month kickoff code.