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News: Lorenzo Martone Taps Cleverhood for Chic Reflective Shroud

Martone Cycling Co. (MCC), the fashion and design-driven bicycle brand founded by Lorenzo Martone, has added Cleverhood US-made rain capes to its popular line. Martone’s bicycles are made for city people who are seeking both beauty and performance -- which nicely complements the style and function of Cleverhood’s bike-ready rain capes.

Vogue broke the news, noting “Lorenzo Martone collaborated with urban cape company Cleverhood and added a chic reflective shroud to his repertoire this month.”

Vogue’s Esther Adams wrote about the Cleverhood: “few things hold a more treasured spot in our closets than the simple delight of a transformative piece of clothing—something that mentally turns us into a more interesting or playful version of ourselves.”

Every Martone bike has a red chain, a distinct brand signature and not-so-discreet wink at the fashion world. Both sophisticated AND practical, they’re built for city living. Bicycles from Martone Cycling Co. are available online and in select stores across the US and Europe.

“We are very proud to work with Lorenzo Martone who has capitalized on his fashion industry experience to create such a stylish cycling line,” said Susan Mocarski of Cleverhood.

“We’re both motivated by the promise of livable cities with open spaces and easy access to life’s experiences,” said Mocarski. “Martone Cycling encourages people to glide through the city in style.  We’re very happy to offer our Cleverhood rain capes to those special customers for rainy days.”