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Performance Fashion: Utilitarian Couture

The World Meteorological Agency is pushing for greater awareness of climate change with the hope that will lead to smart planning and better behaviors.

If you’re like us, you probably spent World Meteorological Day singing weather songs and clinking mugs of beer. We started early at Ain’t No Sunshine but by late evening finished with a rousing rendition of Mr Blue Sky.

Fashion is responding to modern changes in lifestyles – and weather. Designers are beginning to embrace technology for new utilitarian couture. We’re on that bandwagon.

Our newest Cleverhood – the Electric Gingham – is equal parts fashion and utility. It capitalizes on the smart look of blue gingham.

The utility of the Cleverhood derives from its tight craftsmanship and its waterproof properties. It’s good to be weather-ready.

Gingham has a long tradition. But we’ve added technology to that with interwoven reflective thread. The ‘electric’ is the look you see on dark, rainy nights. It’s a utility that keeps you safe.

Lots of people are using bikes to commute. Bikes reduce pollution, congestion and infrastructure challenges. Plus they’re fun. Bike-ready performance is another utility of the Cleverhood.

The beauty of the 'hood is its simplicity. It's unisex and one-sized. It keeps your stuff dry, too. That's another good utility.