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Dreams Come True: 30% off Your Holiday Sweatshirt Cape

What's missing in this picture?

beach bonfire


You’re missing. I see your lover’s wine glass and the romantic sunset. But where the hell are you? Why don’t I see you there all moon-eyed and snugly in your cozy Sweatshirt Cape? You know how lovable you can be.

Unisex sweatshirt cape
I'll be darned if the slate blue Polartec fabric doesn't make you more attractive. Although the red does speak to that hidden passion of yours. That's what I like about you. You're bold but sensitive with a mystery that always makes me wonder: What are you thinking now?

Cleverhood sweatshirt cape
Give me a hint. You're a fascinating individual. Everyone appreciates your sense of style and the way you move so fluidly -- in your sweatshirt cape. I bet you don't even realize how sensual you are. The craftsmanship suits you. The little patch with C...does that stand for captivated? You have that affect on people -- in your sweatshirt cape.

Red sweatshirt cape
It's Memorial Day weekend. I understand if you're busy. You're certainly popular. Just don't leave your loved one's waiting and wanting. You're too generous for that. Share a little bit of yourself this holiday weekend. Tell them a secret: 30 percent off any sweatshirt cape if they use code capehood16*.

*this code expires June 2, 2016.