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Beach Cape Debuts at Newport Folk Festival: Straight Flax

Here in the Ocean State we’re very conscious of beaches. At Cleverhood we’re very conscious of capes. With that level of consciousness you can see how we might design one the world’s best beach capes from Rhode Island. For your consideration of course.

This ‘clever’ new Beach Cape has been in the works for a few years. There were a variety of styles, fabrics and poncho prototypes. Laborious hours spent swimming, windsurfing and barbecuing at Fogland Beach. Testing has been rigorous. But finally we came up with a clever approach.

The choice of linen was a key breakthrough. It’s a natural fabric with a number of good advantages around the water. It’s comfortable and strong (holds up well). The fiber is very absorbent and offers exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.

Like the poncho itself, linen has a long history in human outerwear. In fact, archaeologists discovered linen fibers that are 36,000 years old. It’s versatile too. The RAF used linen in their aircraft in WWII. Casanova used it in his condoms.

Clean, fresh woven linen here folks. Just the flax. 100%. There’s also a roomy hood with a nice drawstring. This beach cape offers style plus a convenient personal changing station. There are two colors. There’s a sandy white with woven blue stripes and a navy blue. It’s cut-and-sewn in nearby Fall River.

The Beach Cape will be making its big Rhode Island debut at the Newport Folk Festival. That’s a fine tradition there on glorious Narragansett Bay. We’ll have a stand at Fort Adams (Newport Jazz Fest too!). We'll have some special deals and prizes. And just in case, we'll bring along some clever rain capes too.