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Call Us Bike-Ready for Action

This weekend we went to our Nation’s Capital to see how things work.

Ha, ha. No, not here:

We wanted to get a first-hand account of D.C. and its relationship with bikes. When it comes to mobility, the Beltway has gotten a lot of the attention in the last 50 years.  But recently the US Census claimed that more than 3% of the population is biking to work and when it comes to walking Washington is #2 (Boston is #1).

D.C. was early to the game with Capital Bikeshare. It’s also the headquarters of the League of American Bicyclists, who coincidentally share our belief that:

“Bicycling brings people together.
When more people ride bikes:
Life is better for everyone;
     Communities are safer, stronger and better connected;
     Our nation is healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner and
     more energy independent.”

We hear a lot of buzz from #BikeDC. And we know the guys at Bicycle Space, who are driving a lot of that chatter. They’ve been the hosts of the US Brompton Championships and are continually giving the community a great excuse to get out and have some fun on bikes.

We heard the call for the infamous Plaid Ride and the Ranger Games. Add in beer from New Belgium Brewing, sweet tunes from the Bumper Jacksons and we're all over that. ( We’re also well aware that D.C. gets 39.7 inches (1.009 meters) of rain per year.)

We tried to do our part as sponsors of the Rain Ranger Ride: don a Cleverhood, hop on a Brommie and race to the river bank for a delicious cup of the Anacostia River. Pedal back, hit the teeter-totter and don't spill too much. Lots of bike commuters do that with their morning coffee and this crowd did not disappoint. 
It was fantastic to see all the great enthusiasm in our Nation's Capital. We had a blast at the event as well as tooling around town on a couple of Brommies ourselves. It's quite remarkable to see the affects of bikes on livable cities.

Give us a call anytime, from anywhere in the world, we're totally bike-ready and always up for a good challenge.