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Are You Ready for the Day Most Resembling Corduroy?

It’s the perfect season for the King’s Cloth. The days are shortening. Leaves are dying and the sun is weakening. There’s a plodding march toward the darkness of winter. Brace yourself for the rotation of the earth my friend. The time for corduroy has arrived.

For a thousand years corduroy has stood for what’s right in our world. It’s not trendy, it’s not flashy. It’s friendly, dependable and welcoming to all. On the 11th of November - 11/11 - the date most resembling corduroy, we invite you take to the streets. Let us demonstrate our unflappable commitment to fresh air, intellectual rigor, camaraderie and the wale.

As long-standing members of the Corduroy Appreciation Club, it is our pleasure to offer the world’s only corduroy street capes. There are hats, jackets, vests and pants, with pin wales and wide wales. Wes Anderson has long championed the charm and distinction of the corduroy suit. But a singular cape, with bike-ready features, an attention to detail and a lust for November has never been so attainable. It’s not for house cats.

Arm yourself with the Corde du Roi and take on November with bravery and aplomb. All wales welcome. Invoke the dash of Paul Newman, the confidence of Gertrude Stein, and the savoir faire of the fabulous Mr. Fox.  We stand ready to support you on 11/11.

And if in fact you're looking for something distinctive for that special day, we've got you covered. Now through November please take advantage of our incredibly generous 30% discount on our Coffee Milk and Mr. Fox Point street capes. We hope you'll appreciate corduroy more than you did before.