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The Elusive Sweatshirt Cape Game

We need a better name for that. First of all, there’s “sweat” staring you right in the face. And it’s not like “shirt” brings much to the party. Sweatshirts are likable enough. Dating back to the 1920’s — they were the high-performance athletic wear in their time. But you may note that this so-called Sweatshirt Cape offers more versatility than your average hoodie. It really could use a better name.

Got any ideas? Anything will get the ball rolling. If you send us something clever, provocative, head-scratching, or hilarious — we’ll happily send you a code for 30% off this "Sweatshirt Cape."

Red Cleverhoodie


  • It is a cape, a poncho, hood, or something akin to that.

  • It’s unisex and equanimous.

  • It offers indoor cozy comfort.

  • It's a street cape that provides distinctive outdoor coverage.

  • It has convenient hidden pocket on the inside.

  • It’s made in Fall River, Massachusetts by experienced garment workers.

Cleverhood street cape

Send us your coconuts of inspiration and don't spare the sweet milk. We will reward the freshest ideas with a nice knit cap or T-shirt!

Cleverhood sweatshirt cape

Hit us up directly on email or on your favorite social media machine with #clevercape. We'll keep a weather-eye out for your generous thoughts.