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Creating Distinctive Collars and Matching Friendship Bracelets for Old Pals

Man’s Best Friend is not an award given lightly. It took dogs thousands of years of good work and faithful companionship to achieve that distinction. In 1764, Voltaire was one of the first to put it in writing ("c'est le meilleur ami que puisse avoir l’homme") and here we are today, in the 21st century, with the same old-fashioned canis familiars providing unconditional love and affection.

Maybe someday, in some dystopic future, robots will take the title. But today the human-dog bond may be stronger than ever. Gratefully, some 39% of US households claim at least one dog as a member of the family (the average is 1.6 dogs). They begin the day with a nice morning walk, a little breakfast and a healthy exchange of I like you’s.

Our Cleverpup line is a reflection of our love and appreciation of these furry friends. We’re dedicated, long-term dog people here. We also appreciate good craftsmen and clever designers. This month we’re happy to introduce two new collaborations for both you and your pal.

Our new Birchy dog collar is made by Rijck Leather of Providence using traditional leather crafting techniques and tools. It’s a beautiful construction that’s enhanced by a white crackle coating that provides a smooth finish and distinctive character. Solid cast brass hardware adds a striking impression and the strength we expect in a reliable dog collar.

Founder Alison Van Hemelrijck has distinguished Rijck Leather by combining a minimal design aesthetic with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. Rijck Leather aims to create timeless pieces that can be used for years. The distinctive, matching dog collar and bracelet is a unique way to express the bond you two share.

Our Ocean State is also well represented by the nautical sensibility of Harrison + Pike of Newport, Rhode Island. They’ve created what we call our Salty Pup dog collar with traditional yacht-rigging techniques. The materials are marine-grade. They’re designed to stand up to weather and stress. Dogs' companions will appreciate their matching nautical bracelets (available separately). It’s a perfect combination for doggos and people with an appreciation for the sea.

Harrison+Pike owner Tiffany Harrison Givens draws her inspiration from her marine background. With a passion for design she’s created a jewelry brand that encompasses classic nautical style together its reliable strength.

Dogs and people collaborate in all sorts of wonderful ways. We hope our Cleverpup matching dog collar and bracelet brings a little extra inspiration to our society of mutual appreciation.