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We're Bringing Good Gifts for the Holidays to Livable Cities

“Where’s Waldo” comes to mind as we pack up for our tour of a few interesting livable cities. Waldo, or Wally as he was originally named by English illustrator Martin Handford, was always off somewhere mixing it up. We're hitting the road with a line-up of clever new outerwear alternatives in time for the holidays. It’s not that we’re hard to find. It just helps to know where to look. We love a good city and the thrill of new discoveries.

We're making our first trip to Richmond and we're really eager to meet this city. We know its precipitation is rather uniformly distributed throughout the year (we notice weather). But we're curious to catch it's vibe, to see what it thinks about design, art, and architecture. There's the promise of lively neighborhoods and a vibrant restaurant scene from what we've heard. The fact that 96 eateries are dog-friendly bodes well for friendliness. Plus, Buzzfeed named Richmond one of Ten Cities You Should Explore on Two Wheels. That sounds like a place that holds up well to scrutiny.

We're there December 1-3 with other American craftsmen and designers at the Northern Grade Richmond Market, which is dubbed Southern Grade out of local respect you'd imagine. We'll be at the Main Street Station, affectionately known as The Shed. We'll show off our dazzling new CleverZipster capes.

Minneapolis is next. That's another first for us and frankly we don't know what took so long. Lonely Planet claims it's the biggest and artiest town on the prairie. On top of that, Minneapolis is the first American city to hit Mikael Colville-Andersen's list of The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet. There's something nice about a place that offers an alternative to loud, smelly traffic and Minneapolis is in great company with the likes of Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin and Montreal. They seem undaunted by weather too. That's another big plus in our book.

We'll be in this livable city December 8-10. Look for us at Loring Park. We'll be at the Northern Grade Market Saturday and Sunday. It's happening in conjunction with Holidazzle, which looks like a cool holiday celebration put on by the community. We're psyched to get in on that. We'll have the variety of rain capes for people and dogs of course, but we think there might be a little interest in a new Fur Cape we've designed.

December 20, it's New York City for us. We can't get enough of this place and its different every season. The timing could be good for our new Cleverpup dog coats. One in seven households in New York have at least one pup under its roof. That's a lot of woofs. And this is just spitballing, and maybe its what you might've expected in the fashion capital, but 99% of those doggos appreciate a good sense of style. We'll be at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Holiday Market at 200 West Street in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Those are a just a few places you can look for a Cleverhood as we race toward the holidays. We try to make it easy. There's always our gleaming internet showroom for anyone in the world to peruse. We love visiting cities and are proud to live vicariously through customers from Tokyo to Toledo. We make good gifts too. Gift-wrapping comes no charge. Hope to see you out there — rain or shine of course!