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Cleverhood Introduces High-Performance Rain Capes for Dogs

For six years, we’ve been squeezing new performance advantages out of fabrics and materials in pursuit of the best rain capes for human beings. Now, we’re ready to leverage that particular expertise for the dogs among us. The Boston Globe spilled the beans: Cleverpup is the new foul-weather alternative for dog lovers who don't go for cutesy coats.

We meet a lot of our customers who have told us they wear their Cleverhoods when they walk their dogs in the city in the rain. “You should make capes for dogs,” they’d say and we’d all have a good laugh. But the funny part is we have six dogs between us here and five of them don’t like the rain. Finally, inspiration hit us with all the subtlety of of a wet, smelly dog in your bed. Prototypes were designed, tested, modified. We pursued this mission doggedly.
Our new Cleverpup dog capes have a number of features that reflect our experience in stylish rainwear.  You’ll note that our first model is made with our world-famous Electric Houndstooth fabric. That’s a dog-inspired glen plaid with embedded 3M reflective thread. The reflective grid stands out on dark rainy nights. Plus, it’s a sturdy fabric and completely waterproof. We’re focused on style and performance.

The new Cleverpup coats are lined with a soft, flecked berber fleece. We’re using military-spec webbing from Pawtucket and aircraft-grade aluminum clasps. This design keeps the Cleverpup secure without being restrictive. We tried to keep it simple and elegant. You need to be ready to go when your dog is.

Cleverpup rain capes are carefully cut and sewn by our expert partners in nearby Fall River, Massachusetts. You’ll see that it’s made to last. Fall River has a long legacy in apparel and textiles. It’s not called “Spindle City” for nothing and we’re proud to work with our local garment makers.

This waterproof dog raincoat comes in five sizes, which should cover a broad spectrum of dog size and diversity. Measure from the withers (shoulders) to the rump to determine your fit. The Size 8 inch works for a Yorkie and the largest Size 26 should do the trick for most big breeds. The webbed straps adjust to the girth of your buddy.

Cleverpups will retail for $89 but we’re offering customers a special price of $69 to celebrate our launch. We appreciate your interest and support. We hope you’ll share your experiences, pictures and feedback. Into each life some rain must fall, we might as well enjoy it with a good dog.