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Category - Livable Cities

Top Ten Livable Cities: Where’s Boston?

Insights, Livable Cities

Boston doesn’t appear in any of the top lists of world’s top Livable Cities. It’s time to fix that. The Economists a popular Top Ten list. It features five Australian cities, three Canadian and two European. That leaves room for zero in the U.S.

Connecting with: “Handmade and Built to Last”

Insights, Livable Cities

We have a globally distributed customer base. As you can see here from our analysis, there’s a width swath of vegetation on this planet (global warming notwithstanding). Where there’s greenery, there’s rain, which gives you a broad sense…

Celebrating Chocolate Custard and Bike Month in NYC

Livable Cities

People usually think of May as National Chocolate Custard Month. But, conveniently, it’s also National Bike Month. While many of us will take this time to consider the wonders of chocolate puddings, the League of American Bicyclists is…

Ten Things We Learned Last Night at the 6th Annual Boston Bike Update

Livable Cities

1) Mayor Walsh wants to make Boston one of the best cycling cities in the world in six years.   2) It’s a good thing Mayor Walsh has Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman on his team.   3)…

Performance Fashion: Utilitarian Couture

Insights, Livable Cities, News

The World Meteorological Agency is pushing for greater awareness of climate change with the hope that will lead to smart planning and better behaviors. If you’re like us, you probably spent World Meteorological Day singing weather songs and…

Keep a Weather Eye Out for Us this March

Insights, Livable Cities

We’ve got a number of cool, livable cities on our itinerary this March: Seattle, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Washington DC and others. It’s not a shabby line-up. We’re looking at three bike shows, a National conference, local shops, various…

Join Us for America’s Biggest Bike Party or Burble in Slithy Toves

Insights, Livable Cities

The USA’s biggest bike party is coming up fast in New York City. You do not want to miss this – wherever you are. The TD Five Boro Bike Tour is 32,000 people biking 40 easy miles through…

Urban Adventure Guy’s Gift List

Livable Cities

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aesop Like Bear Grylls or Sir Ran Fiennes, Urban Adventure Guy thrives on adventure. He relies on his own resourcefulness. He pushes his limits. He’s undaunted by weather. But it’s the urban landscapes that…

A Livable City: Chicago-Style

Livable Cities

There are a number of ingredients that make up a Livable City. People respond well to jobs, education, culture and good health, for example. That attracts more artists, entrepreneurs and happier citizens. You’ll also notice that a Livable…

What’s up with Bike Sharing: An Infographic

Livable Cities

The beauty of bike share systems is the sneaky way they get people to act sustainably.  Before you know it, people are using bikes to get around their favorite cities. Pedal a few blocks and they tend to…