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Category - Thoughts

Happy Birthday Earth


It’s hard to believe you’re 4.543 billion years old today. Typical Taurus, dependable and enduring. You have an affinity for nature that’s inspiring to all of us here at the office.  Maybe you didn’t create electrons, but you…

A Father’s Day Action Story


Come mothers and fathers Throughout the land And don’t criticize What you can’t understand The ‘times they are a-changing’ they sang. It was an anthem of a new generation calling for better leadership, truth, justice and civil rights.…

Where is Everyone Thinking?


So how are you doing, good? There is a cloud hanging over us. However, behind the clouds the sun’s still shining. That’s Longfellow’s sentiment expressed in the all-time Cleverhood classic: The Rainy Day. We’re checking in with friends…

Socks for Sparks of Inspiration


We’re stuck in…an apartment, house, room, rut…we could use a spark of inspiration. In return, we’ll award one pair of astonishingly soft socks to the best spark. Every day! Socks for Succor the whole week. Consider them support…

Reflections on a Small World


We have a lot in common. We all know how good being in nature can make us feel. We’ve known it for centuries, if not longer. This is big. Being in nature, even just a city park, an…

What is it about Bromptons?


What is it about Brompton bikes? The people who have them seem so happy about that fact. They generate an inordinate amount of enthusiasm. Instagram is stuffed with beaming Brompton owners all over the world. Google “fun adventures”…

Rhode Island Original Gift Ideas


Don’t let the size of Rhode Island fool you. If creativity is inversely proportional to each state’s total mileage like we’ve been trying to tell you, then it’s easy to see why lil’ Rhodey has so many innovative…

8 Unusual Gifts for the Winter Season


Happy holidays includes the time leading up to the holidays you know. Minimal stress and eager anticipation of parties and family gatherings are nice ideals to shoot for. In an effort to serve as helpful elves, we’ve compiled…

Studies Show Rain Capes Well-Suited To Kids’ Good Nature


Recent polls show that kids love two things: going back to school and rainy days. That’s a little surprising. But that’s the beauty of kids. You never know what they’re thinking. As modern media mavens, we love a…

We Won’t Forget Bill Cunningham: A Legendary Rain Cape Man


Dear Susan Mocarski,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your design is so custom compared to the commercial ones. The NY Times insists no gifts so it must be returned. I’ll keep in mind your “Cleverhood.” The poncho is the best for keeping dry on a bike.
Best regards,

P.S. Your kind note was appreciated and if you spot me again please say hi and remind me of your Cleverhood.