Just because it's raining
doesn't mean it's time to come in

Introducing the wonderfuly new, well-crafted
Cleverkids Rain Capes
These new Cleverkid rain capes are designed for two things: kids and rain. Well-crafted, waterproof and reflective, these colorful new ponchos let kids get up-close with the rain. Cleverkids feature an attached hood, bright colors and coverage for backpacks, lunch boxes and stuff.

Features & Benefits

  • Unisex
  • Easy to throw on at the first sign of rain
  • Reflective accents and colorful ripstop fabric
  • Great for walking, bike riding, and playing in the rain
  • Designed to cover backpacks, lunchboxes and kids' stuff
  • Handy mesh bag for easy access and portability
  • Made in the USA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

choose from one of our three styles

Available in two sizes. Little for ages 4–8 and Bigger for kids 7–12.
Electric Gingham
Cielo Blue
Devo Yellow
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Available worldwide.
Welcome to Cleverhood.
“Kids are natural pluviophiles (rain lovers) and we’re hoping that our five years’ experience will convince them we’re serious about playing in the rain,” said Susan Mocarski of Cleverhood. “We’ve explained to the kids that our capes are carefully crafted by experienced garment workers in nearby Fall River. That gets a good giggle, which tells us they appreciate our efforts.”
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