Salty Pup Dog Collar

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The Salty Pup dog collar offers the distinctive nautical style of our Ocean State. Designed and constructed by Harrison+Pike of Newport, RI, this adjustable collar features traditional yacht-rigging techniques and durable seaworthy materials. Comfortable and adjustable with bright red 100% poly double-braided rope, it includes a marine-grade aluminum shackle for tags and leashes. It’s made to get wet and stand-up to tough conditions.

The Salty Pup collar comes in two sizes to accomodate tiny dogs and big dogs. There’s S/M with a sailing slip knot that adjusts from 8″ to 13″ (20.3-33 cm). The L/XL fits 13″ to 22″ (33-59cm).

Dog lovers note! Get a matching Salty Pup nautical bracelet. You two deserve it!

$59 $29

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