Brown CleverFur Cape


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Introducing the Cleverhood two-sided Westerly Fur Cape.

Burly, rugged, wolfish is one way to address the winter. Soft, brown, water-resistant corduroy is an alternative. Completely reversible, the Brown CleverFur Cape conforms to your weather and attitude conditions. It’s hooded, warm and easy to don over outerwear or underwear. This garment does not make a subtle impression. (Also see Black CleverFur Cape)

The Brown CleverFur Cape is carefully crafted in the US (Fall River). The fur is a soft, 3-inch pile from humane poly nylon. The brown corduroy repels light rain and heavy snow. The hood is reversible. Features an open neck with closure.

Unisex, of course. Available in two sizes. Locally cut, sewn and inspired.

S/M: 33 in (84 cm) shoulder to hem. Weight 4.1 lbs (1.9 Kg)
L/XL: 38 in (97 cm) shoulder to hem is. Weight: 4.85 lbs (2.2 Kg)


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$329 $169

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