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The Cleverhood Fendor-Bendor is the rear fender (mudguard) for people who do not like fenders. That’s why it’s foldable and easy to take in your bag or cycling jersey. When it starts raining you have a proper fender that installs in seconds and looks good. This model offers the distinctive Cleverhood styling.

The Fendor-Bendor is from the WIT Industries design studio in The Netherlands. Founder and owner Olaf Wit has years of experience in high-performance bicycle design and has been involved in projects like the Koga Kimera (world’s fastest bike).

It’s the original foldable rear fender that’s only there when you need it.

Smart Features:

  • Quick to Install
  • Super Lightweight (~60 gms)
  • Fits more bikes and frames (except Monostay frames)
  • Folds smaller
  • Strong and Durable

Read the manual and see how simple it is to install!