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We're Rolling Out Rain Capes for Kids

Introducing New Colorful, Well-Crafted Ponchos Made in Nearby Fall River

We’re proud to confirm recent reports that kids were spotted playing in the rain. The outdoor activity, in inclement weather, was in fact a semi-controlled experiment to test kid’s pluviophile quotient. It turns out that kids like playing outside – rain or shine.

The children were in fact sporting new Cleverkid rain capes.  Designed in Providence and made in nearby Fall River, these colorful ponchos offer the same attention to detail that has appealed to full-grown people around the world. These Cleverhood rain capes are easy to operate and now enable everyone of various shapes and sizes to experience the rain first-hand.

Electric Gingham and Devo Yellow

“Kids are natural pluviophiles (rain lovers) and we’re hoping that our five years’ experience will convince them we’re serious about playing in the rain,” said Susan Mocarski, Cleverhood Head. “We’ve explained to the kids that our capes are carefully crafted by experienced garment workers in nearby Fall River. That gets a good giggle, which tells us they appreciate our efforts.”

Rainwear for kids

Like all Cleverhood rain capes, the Cleverkids are unisex, reflective and great for walking, bike riding, or otherwise playing in the rain. They all come with a hood and a handy mesh bag for portability. There are currently two sizes for kids and three color styles. There’s a blue Cleverkid Electric Gingham (on sale for $79) that has interwoven reflective thread. It’s made from recycled poly. There is also the Devo Yellow and Cielo Blue Cleverkids that feature reflective accents, with Ripstop fabric (on sale for $69).

Cleverhood Fall River craftsmanship

The Cleverkids will start shipping next week. There are pre-order discounts available now. Feedback always welcome.