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Change your forecast with Cleverhood

No Such Thing as Bad Weather...

What Customers Are Saying


I tour for a living, and I can’t stress how nice it is when it rains to be able to pull this out of my production case not only to stay dry but it looks great. The cuts and style are very unique constantly have co workers asking where I got it. Fits true to size and the front pocket is so great for keeping your phone or wallet dry. So pleased this this product will be ordering more.
Andre - Rover Anorak

Godsend for cyclists

Pair with fenders for the most comfortable poor weather biking experience, better than rain pants and jacket. Without good front and rear wheel fenders your feet will probably get too wet. The belt accessory is also a must for cyclists. The thumb loop solution is probably best for a flat handlebar, but still doable for drop bars.
Ian - Rover Rain Cape

Form AND Function

One of the hardest things for me when shopping for outerwear is admitting when I’m putting form over function. Along with winter coats, rain coats are a category where one of the things I want form-wise is also functional: I want something long! Most trench coats aren’t truly waterproof and look out of place when I’m walking the dogs, but this coat really threads the needle of functionality and form. It keeps me dry in the rain and looks good in any situation.
Bob - Urbanaut Trench
Around the World with Cleverhood
The first time I ever wore my Cleverhood, I was inundated with questions and flattering comments! The grey houndstooth plaid pattern is indeed gorgeous BUT I purchased it to stay dry while cycling AND with 3M Scotchlite reflective threading woven throughout fabric I am also lit! The classic cape has traveled around the world with me providing dry shelter and safety. I remember walking with my backpack underneath to keep it dry but I also realized I was not an easy target for pickpockets! It's a perfect companion as it's easy to roll-up and have ready when needed. Magnetic arm closures and a POCKET for my cell phone make this the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone you love!All photos of me wearing a Cleverhood are full of smiles opposed to life before when I’d be super saturated from clothing that did not do the job!I really can’t recommend a Cleverhood enough!!
Janet - Urbanaut Rain Cape