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About Us

Clever-hood - n. – 1. a neighborly community fostered by safe streets and bike rides 2. an ingenious garment offering all-weather style and performance

Cleverhood was born out of the need to walk and cycle in all kinds of weather doing just everyday things like going to work, grocery shopping, taking kids and dogs out. The result, our original raincape, created a happy new outlook on rainy days. Wanting to share that happiness is our goal. Keeping folks out in their community and not donning 2 ton rain covers (cars) is our mission.

Our rain cape lives somewhere between a garment and a tool. We carefully design, source and manufacture our gear. Making effective lasting gear is the most sustainable thing we can do but are constantly innovating using more sustainable materials and processes. Almost all our fabrics are made from recycled fibers and our DWRs (durable water repellents) are PFAS-free. Social sustainability is critically important and we work with only certified producers with regulated labor and environmental standards.

Making high quality gear for a more sustainable lifestyle is our passion. We admire and value our all-weather customers and rely on their feedback to help us improve each generation of products. With every wet ride, every long wait at a bus stop and extra late dog walk we try to earn a reputation for making good, thoughtful products.

Our Team

We’re a small team of four in Providence creating high functioning outerwear to keep people walking and cycling in their daily life, despite the weather. We design, source and oversee production. We also do all of our marketing, selling and customer service.

Our mission is big - to fill the gap of bad weather days so people do not need to retreat to a car. We do this by creating the most enduring, effective garments with the least amount of environmental and social impact. We also feel it's important to provide our customers with great customer support and to support local and national Street equity organizations that help our customers and their neighbors safely walk and ride in their communities.


Our customers like walking, biking and rolling around the neighborhood — rain-or-shine. There’s a bright optimism there. Coincidentally or not, it’s usually reflected in their appreciation of the qualities that make their city, town or path a nice place. We’re big proponents of sustainable transportation and the big benefits of safe streets and open spaces. We have committed 5% of profits to good street equity organizations.

Feel free to reach out. Suggestions, questions and penetrating insights are always welcome.

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