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Keep a Weather Eye Out for Us this March

We’ve got a number of cool, livable cities on our itinerary this March: Seattle, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Washington DC and others. It’s not a shabby line-up. We’re looking at three bike shows, a National conference, local shops, various city events, and local brews.

We do a lot of traveling vicariously by way of notes and pictures (SEEN ON) from customers all over the world. We learn a lot that way. But of course you can’t beat the experience of hitting the streets. We’re always looking for feedback and local insights.

By the way, we usually travel with special discounts on our Cleverhoods. We’re also showcasing our brand new Electric Gingham.

First up this weekend is the Seattle Bicycle Expo. It's run by the Cascade Bicycling Club, which gave us a nice write-up. As pluviophiles, we have a special spot in our hearts for Seattle. It turns out that Seattle actually gets less rainfall than Boston, New York or Washington, DC. But it’s a winner when it comes to “number of days of rain.”

Part of our team will bop up to Vancouver (March 3-5). They have rain (Canada’s 3rd most rainy city) and a reputation as one of the world’s greenest cities. Not to mention one of the most beautiful ones. Not sure what’s up with their bike-share system but they seem to have a healthy network of bike commuters.

Monday, March 3, we’re proud to be showcased at the National Women’s Bicycle Forum pop-up, along with a variety of other top women-owned companies. The event is part of the National Bike Summit and includes some first-hand interaction with Congress. Not everyone understands the connection of bikes and livable cities. It’s imperative that our Nation’s leaders get the picture.

London’s another great spot for pluviophiles. We’re hitting the SPIN London show with our Brolly alternatives. Spin is about "celebrating the lifestyle of bicycling." We're looking forward to that at the Old Truman Brewery on March 28-30.

After London, we want to go to Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Paris. Sadly we can’t do it all. We hope to get to another European city or two. Any suggestions?

There's a lot going on in Toronto. There's this weekend's Toronto bike show, where we're teaming with the good folks of Allo Velo. On March 28 there's Spacing Magazine’s party. In Boston there’s the 5th Annual Boston Bike Update and party. Plus, there's Pittsburgh where our local friend and activist Andy Cutler is strengthening our Providence connections.

Be sure to keep a weather out for us. There's plenty more planned for Spring.