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A Short Video: How We're Making Quality Outerwear in New England

There’s a lot of back and forth in the creation of quality New England outerwear. It’s like ping-pong. Early concepts are designed and off to the garment maker for prototype testing. Styles are evaluated and performance is measured. That’s a ping-pong game that can go on for weeks or months. Then orders are placed, with all their variable zippers, fabrics, elastics and all. Inventory It’s a logistical challenge that benefits from a tight partnership.

With experience, you can handle the spins, slices and slams, and pick up the pace. Providence is our operation and design center. Fall River, aka Spindle City, is where most of our garments are cut, sewn and carefully crafted. That’s a 19 mile spin down I195. Close collaboration affords us some big advantages in design, reliability and turnaround.

Fall River was once a global textile capital, yet they produce a small fraction of the world's apparel today. But there are some talented garment workers there. We’ve achieved some impressive chops and flicks in our back-and-forth.

Sarah Tricker, of LA and NYC, is the run and gun shooter, director and editor of our latest video. She was terrific to work with. Sarah's a talented young woman with nice energy and a comprehensive video portfolio reflecting work with the likes of Allure, NY Fashion Week, Mana Contemporary, Hugo Boss, blogger Blair Eadie, and a ton of others. Here's a short documentary on Mario Costa of Jersey City that's Sarah did for  the arts center in Jersey City. This is cool.