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Studies Show Rain Capes Well-Suited To Kids' Good Nature

Recent polls show that kids love two things: going back to school and rainy days. That’s a little surprising. But that’s the beauty of kids. You never know what they’re thinking.
As modern media mavens, we love a good poll. It’s important to know what people think about everything. That makes thinking a lot easier. Once I know what’s hot and what's not, I know I’m on the right track. No one wants to be an imitation, unless everyone’s doing it.

As savvy marketeers we know the value of good polling data. If kids love rain and school as much as everyone says, then who are we to not make life a little bit easier for them and their dear loved ones. Coincidentally, we are students of rain behavior, too.

At the risk of thinking too much, let’s break this down to edible bite-sized chunks. Summer is a period of free-wheeling adventure, fresh watermelon, flip flops, ice cream and lightening bugs. It’s all fun and games — at first. And probably for a while after that, too. But if I know kids, there comes a point when they’re begging for some intellectual stimulation, with homework. Most kids probably like getting up early for that. It’s a universal experience from kindergarten thru college, probably.

But how are kids smart enough to love rain? Well, thanks to the folks over at our Cleverkids Division we have some solid research on that. It turns out that it’s science & nature. Puddles play their part too.

On behalf of all of us on this planet, we salute kids and their insatiable passion for education and nature.  Thank you and let's hope you all continue to grow up with a good rain-or-shine approach to things.