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The Great Cape Escape

We’re doing some traveling this winter. It’s good to shake off the quahogs, pull up anchor and strike out for new horizons beyond our Ocean State. As soon as the tide comes in we’re getting off this island. We’re off to discover new peoples, places and precipitations. And we're bringing the finest rain capes Rhode Island has to offer!

Clever travelers that we are, our first stop is nearby Nueva York at the New York Times Travel Show. We’ll share our tips for making the most of your travels and the virtues of good walk in the rain. Our research shows that many travelers like to grab a bike sometimes to get close and personal with a place. We’ll speak to that too. That’s January 24 — 26 at the Javitz Convention Center. Look for us there. Free sox if you whisper the password: Quahogs.

Walking in the rain

January 29-31 we’ll be at the Outdoor Retailer Show to offer some style with your outdoor performance. Outdoor + Snow Show is in Denver and we’ll be there at 5,000 feet to make a good case for getting outdoors for wild adventures — rain-or-shine.

Love for all, hatred for none! That’s the callout for Kolektif Berlin, which promises to be an entertaining meeting place for bike aficionados and the curious. We’ll be there as part of the "cool fashion" contingent Feb. 28 through March 1. We have a lot of customers in Germany. Looking forward to catching up. Merke dir das Passwort: Quahogs.