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Considering Visual Perception - Style & Safety at Work

When you see the Electric Houndstooth in the daylight you’ll note the familiar pattern of the elegant houndstooth and assume you have it all figured out. But later, at night, there’s a flash of light and an illuminated grid appears over your entire Cleverhood. That’s the "unified whole theory" at work with its sweet Gestalty feeling!

Visual perception is a big part of what we do here at Cleverhood. And you can bet that we take physics very seriously. In fact, considering the organism (i.e., You) acting as a unified whole in dynamic relation to its environment is what makes us tick.

We take a whole-systems approach. Style has its virtues but at the end of the day, it's performance that gets you home safely at night.

Cleverhood Electric Houndstooth Contest

Our judges recently made their decision in our Worldwide April Showers game. That required a lot of deep thinking too. Plus beer. It was Rose of London (and her bike Sylvie) who won the Cleverhood in our caption contest. Honorable mentions go to William Fox and Mel. Contact us boys for your T-shirts!

Meanwhile, the Games are continuing at Heritage Bicycles (Chicago), Houndstooth Road (Atlanta), Ontek (Switzerland), Fitz & Follwell and Allo Velo (Montreal), Saddle & Spoke (London) and other spots around the world. They all have an Electric Houndstooth prize for some lucky organism.