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Who Do You Love?

Here’s a good way to win yourself a brand new Cleverhood. You know Bill Cunningham, right? He’s the man with a camera and a bike who offers the closest thing you’ll ever get to x-ray glasses. I promise you will see the streets in a way you never did before.

Bill is a candid street photographer for The New York Times. He’s worked in fashion for more than 50 years -- but don’t let that throw you off. He’s not covering the business of fashion. No, Bill is out there every day capturing the pulse of the city through its street style. He sees fashion as “the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” He captures that reality.

Bill is a very modest, practical man. He gets around by bike. He’s undeterred by weather and he uses a rain cape.

If you were to ask us: Who do you love? We’d say: Bill.

So, that’s why we sent him a Cleverhood. Even before we saw the terrific documentary about him we wanted to show him our appreciation. He makes the world a better place.

As it turned out, Bill politely, in a hand-written note declined our offer. “Your design is so custom compared to the commercial ones,” he said, but "the New York Times rule is no gifts.” We understood. Bill reportedly has left paychecks uncashed to maintain his independence.  Nevertheless, his postscript made us happy: "Your kind note was appreciation...if you spot me again say hi and remind me of Cleverhood."

Who do you love?

Twitter, Facebook or email us ( your answer. It may be a pic or a name or a thought -- someone special to you. Wednesday, February 14, at midnight, we’ll choose a lucky winner for a free Electric Houndstooth. It's really easy.