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Bicycling: Enter the Rain Cape

If you’re looking for some sharp, objective 3rd party Cleverhood rain cape review, hold on right there. Here’s a nicely detailed report for you from a noted bike obsessionist. Writing for Bicycling, the lovely and talented Constance Winters, of aptly-named LovelyBicycle fame, puts the TF Green through its paces and offers that aforementioned, bike-obsessive perspective.

Stay Dry Every Ride

Commuting in the rain? Cleverhood has you covered.

By Constance Winters

Bicycling in a Cleverhood poncho

Inclement weather is often seen as an obstacle to commuting by bike, but in fact the solution to this problem was invented nearly a century ago. Cyclists have been using the rain cape as a high-coverage, easy on-off garment to stay dry on the bike for decades. Early rain capes were generally waxed cotton, which made them heavy and bulky. Contemporary versions tend to be made of waterproof plastics, which keep the weight down but offer poor breathability.

Enter the Rain Cape by Cleverhood, a small Rhode Island company that manufactures its products in the United States with an eye toward both function and style. With its highly breathable, lightweight, waterproof microfiber fabric, protective seam-sealing, water-resistant zippers, and a slew of other functional features, this fashionable garment will keep clothing dry on even the rainiest commutes.