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We're (officially) Launching New Rain Capes Made in Fall River

Cleverhood Rolls Out New Cleverlites from Fall River on Indiegogo

Kicks-Off Bike-Ready Rain Cape Campaign with Local Garment Workers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Cleverhood, the Rhode Island company with the distinctive outerwear for livable cities, kicked-off its new line of rain capes with an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign today. The new waterproof Cleverlites reflect the family-run company's focus on style and performance for people in livable cities worldwide.

Cleverlite rain capes

This Indiegogo campaign will help to initiate the production of the new streamlined rain cape with the benefit of skilled garment workers in nearby Fall River, MA. Since its start in 2012, Cleverhood has endeavored to take advantage of local innovation and craftsmanship within the US and beyond. This Indiegogo campaign offers a good deal for rain poncho customers -- with the opportunity to encourage investment in this former textile capital.

"It's a big advantage for us to work so closely with skilled apparel manufacturers," said Susan Mocarski, Cleverhood Head. "Our garments are designed for style and utility with an emphasis on craftsmanship. We've spent years trying to avoid the autonomy and lack of control that can be part of the big off-shore fashion world. We only recently found our Fall River partners, which are only 20 miles away from us in Providence. They're sharing their expertise and actively collaborating to improve our design and production. Ironically, Fall River was once the capital of the textile world."

cleverlite rain cape colorsThe new Cleverlites offer a streamlined alternative to the high-end Cleverhood rain capes. They are currently available in two fabric types with solid color options. They are all waterproof with reflective accents that match the 21st century Mod style. Designed for easy mobility and utility in livable cities, the capes also have special features for bike commuters.

Portable Cleverlite rain cape

Cleverhood's original line-up of US-made rainwear is used by people all over the world. The eponymously named Cleverhoods have a distinctive style and a number of special features like interwoven reflective thread, magnetic arm closures and thumploops for bike commuting – in the rain. Cleverhood has received recognition from Rhode Island Monthly, Forbes ("Best Holiday Gifts for Cyclists"), The Guardian, and Vice Magazine, which claimed we 'freaked' them out.

Cleverhood rain capes

Based in Providence, Cleverhood LLC, is a small business that produces a special brand of outerwear that reflects an affirmation of American ingenuity, local places and solid reliability. Catch us on Twitter @cleverhoods, Facebook, or just email us: