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Providencehood party at our place (updated)

If you’re within the sound of our blog you’re welcome to attend our next Providencehood on April 26. It’s our own neighborhood watch over the clever comings and goings in our Creative Capital – fortified with local treats. Let us know here on Facebook if you're coming.

Cleverhood Providencehood

This time around we’re shining a little light on our Fall River neighbors just off the Island. We’re pleased to welcome Jasiel Correia -- the 24 year-old entrepreneur currently serving as Mayor of Massachusetts’ 10th largest city.

providencehood fall river

Fall River, or Spindle City, was once a world capital of textiles. It’s in the midst of an exciting resurgence. Personally, we’re proud to be embarking on a new project with local garment workers that we’re rolling out on Indiegogo soon. This is a new line of Cleverhoods with streamlined features that benefits from the fine craftsmanship of Spindle City. Please let us know if you'd like a heads-up on our launch. We've got some good incentives.

Cleverlite Indiegogo