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How Bezar – We’re a Handpicked Pop-Up from Providence

“Bradford Shellhammer was soul searching on a beach in Rio.” That's powerful credentials right there. No doubt the man was destined for big ideas.

Soul searching on the beach

Sure enough, Shellhammer did it again. The founder and former CEO of design-obsessed Fab had an epiphany as reported in Fast Company:

"You’re not a one-trick pony, Bradford!" the epiphany said. "I am much more talented than a guy who can pick color," Shellhammer concluded. "I have a vision of this thing that needs to exist in the world."

Bezar's Shellhammer

And "this thing," it turns out, is Bezar. Bezar hosts digital "pop-up shops" with designers, handpicked by Shellhammer and a small team. They sell in short bursts of a few days. Think of it as a bizarre bazaar.

What makes Bezar different?
"We support designers. Everything we sell is authentic and and has a story.
Everything we sell is a little bit bizarre. We only sell special things. Things with heart."


Bezar Cleverhood


That's the teaser that popped up today from Bezar: Clever Design For Your Hood. There we are, handcrafted bike-ready rain capes handpicked by the discerning Shellhammer. Maybe the first from Rhode Island along with other terrific inspirations from designers around the world.

How bizzarre?