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A Special Unsanctioned Birthday Deal!

Read this blog and get $50 cash back. Or, lease one of our brand new rain capes for just pennies a day. Come on down. It’s our January 22 Birthday Deal!
Whether it’s snowing or scorching where you are, rest assured there will be rain*. Certainly you can see yourself trekking through the city in this fine ‘hood. No umbrella required!

Our January 22 Birthday Deal begins at midnight. Every Cleverhood is $50 off. The Birthday deal is open the whole week until Jan. 31. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

If you’d like a little more info as you consider this January 22 Birthday Deal, check out the recent item from our local Rhode Island Monthly. It explains the inspiration for the 'hood and some background on our family endeavor.

It's an unsanctioned, secret Birthday Celebration at the 'hood. We won't even divulge who's birthday it is! But enjoy the discount -- it's on us.

Your secret Happy Birthday code: Susan.


*Climate change aberrations not included.