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3 Reasons to Use a Rain Cape in Bike Town

Here are 4 reasons to watch this video entitled "3 Reasons to Use a Rain Cape" produced by Clever Cycles of Portland, Oregon.

1. Portland.

Portland is a bike town of Copenhagenesque proportions. It's frequently recognized as one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world because of its high walkability, acres of public parks, farm-to-table dining and happy people on bikes. As BikeAbout says, "there’s 'bike culture,' and then there’s 'Portland-level bike culture.'”

2. Rain.

Portland is not nicknamed the City of Roses for nothing. It has a well noted misty, wet west coast climate. Never content to stand on its laurels, Portland just recorded its wettest month ever in 75 years! Impressive credentials.

3.  Clever Cycles (no relation).

Since 2007, Clever Cycles has been selling bike products that support a practical biking lifestyle -- it's a nice distinction. Clever Cycles’ is known for being “the only shop in Portland where speed consistently takes a back seat to the qualities necessary to comfortably bicycle in a suit, in the rain, with your kid, and a full load of groceries.” It's well recognized in PDX and far beyond.

4. The Path Less Pedaled.

Word has it that the talented storytellers at The Path Less Pedaled had a hand in the vid.

There you have it: 4 objective reasons why you may want to entertain 3 reasons to use a rain cape by Jillian of Clever Cycles of Bike Town.